Printcepts is a website dedicated to showcasing designs for unique 3d printers designed by Rob Mink. Showcasing Piper3d's piper2 core XY with tool changing, the Polar auto ejection series designed by us, and the EMT Goliath Delta 3d printer with Tool changing.


The BayBelt is the result of a year-long development effort to make the worlds most cost effective and reliable miniature toy belt printer.

Autoejection Polar:

Our custom line of auto ejection printers. All open source and available for download over Thingiverse. The polar2 is a small and cheap entry to autoejection, with off the shelf and 3d printed parts. The Polar3 is the ‘pro’ version of the Polar series and has a 24” build disk.
Polar 2 Auto Eject 3d Printer

EMT Goliath tool changer:

The EMT Goliath is a Delta 3d Printer using EMT Pipe. This was modified to be a tool changer using a spinning tool carousel.
EMT Goliath 3d Printer

EMT Goliath 3d Printer - View 2

Piper 2 with tool changing:

Using Alex’s Piper 2, we added tool changing with the <500 and the >500 MM versions.
Piper 2 with Tool Changing